Where is Cat Tropicana?

Cat Tropicana Cattery is located in Chingford E4. It boarders Epping forest between North East London and Essex.

The cattery itself is at the foot of the garden of our home on a quiet residential street. Click here for a map and address of our location.

We also offer a pick up and drop off service too (charges apply).

Is Cat Tropicana Secure?

Yes. The cattery is fitted with CCTV system and intruder alarms and is fully insulated. The Cattery is located at our home, at the foot of our garden. We are in a quiet residential street without busy traffic.

No one other than myself has keys to the cattery and the windows are double glazed and locked overnight.

What if my cat is unwell during their stay?

We will talk to you about any ongoing medical conditions or medications that your cat is taking prior to their stay to ensure that we can properly cater for their needs. Should a cat become unwell or contagious during their stay we do have an isolation booth (at no extra cost) for their own and other cat's well-being.

You will be asked or a copy of your insurance and vet details prior to the stay as well so that if any urgent medical attention is required, it can take place without delay. Should we not be able to reach your vet for any reason, Cat Tropicana cattery is located within an easy 10 minute drive of a 24 hour veterinary practice.

Do I have to supply my own food?

It is your choice. If you would like to bring your own food either out of choice or dietary requirement then that's absolutely fine - the cost per night will be reduced by £1 to reflect this. Otherwise we supply both wet and dry food as part of the fee. Fresh food and water is provided twice daily. 

As well as fresh food and water, we do like to treat our cat guests with the odd biscuits and treat. It is their holiday as well after all.

Are there any limitations around what cats can stay?

We ask that cat guests have had all vaccinations completed and that a certificate can be presented to verify this. This is for the safety of your own cat and for others. All cats should be treated against fleas and worms before entering the cattery.

Kittens younger than four months old should not be left on their own for longer than four hours at a time. While I will be running the cattery throughout the day, it is left un-staffed overnight (10pm - 7am). Owners should consider this on the personality of their kittens particularly if less than 5 months old.

Prior to confirming your booking, you should also inform us of any medical conditions or medication that your cat is taken to ensure this can be accomodated during their stay at Cat Tropicana.

What about exercising?

The cat pens are double height and contain a ladder and toys to ensure they get plenty of exercise and stimulation.

Can I bring my cat's favourite toy?

Of course! We want to make sure your cat feels at home so anything you want to bring that will help them enjoy their stay is welcome. Be it their favourite blanket, a nice soft brush or a cuddle toy, we can ensure this is incorporated into their pen and our interaction time with the cat. We also provide our own cuddly toys and blankets to help make their pen as cosy as possible.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any personal items that are damaged or go missing during your cat's stay.

If you prefer to keep your cat at home, in familiar surroundings then we also provide a home care and feeding service. We will drop in on your cat twice a day to refresh their food and water, and give then some love and attention. Perfect for those more independent cats.

What about home visits?